Concussion Management

BeFit Training Physio in Randwick is recognised by CCMI (Complete Concussion Management Inc.) and joins a network of worldwide clinics who provide evidence based concussion care to affected clients. Our partnered CCMI practitioners collaborate with your primary health care physician to co-manage your condition, from the initial baseline testing to treatment and rehabilitation. We help our clients to reach their potential.

How does Complete Concussion Management work?

The Complete Concussion Management system aims to educate and empower everyone involved in sports to identify a person with a concussion and help them return safely to their chosen sport. Collaboration between coaches and trainers, healthcare practitioners, and informed parents and athletes is promoted.

What is a concussion?

This is a brain injury that’s caused by very fast movement of the brain inside the skull (acceleration or deceleration). A concussion usually follows an impact to the head or elsewhere on the body, causing biochemical imbalance within the brain cells. This results in decreased blood flow in the brain. Someone with a concussion may lose consciousness or complain of a headache, neck pain or pressure in their head. They can also suffer from nausea or vomiting, dizziness, and problems with their balance.

How do we treat a concussion?

Pre-injury multimodal baseline testing needs to take place, which is a series of cognitive and physical tests that provide an overview of healthy brain function prior to an injury. The results of these tests offer healthcare practitioners an objective benchmark for comparative purposes, if a player sustains a concussion. It’s important to note that the symptoms of a concussion can disappear days or weeks before the brain has actually recovered, so these benchmarks may help practitioners to make better decisions before a player returns to their sport. You can book your baseline testing here.

Free Concussion Tracker App

This app allows players to view the results of their baseline tests, find a recognised CCMI clinic, receive rehabilitation exercises and learn recovery tips. This app also allows trainers, coaches and teachers to assess whether a player is suffering from a concussion, report the injury to a CCMI recognised clinic, and follow their recovery. The app promotes a seamless communication between parents, schools, sports teams and healthcare professionals. You can download the free Concussion Tracker app here.

What is the Complete Concussion Management Network?

This is a network of recognised clinics that provides standardised, evidence based concussion care to players at risk of, or affected by a concussion. A secure EMR (electronic medical record) system connects recognised clinics and practitioners, allowing access to a player’s medical files. This means that a player will receive consistent care at any of the CCMI clinics.

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